prophesy.output package

prophesy.output.plot module

class Plot

Bases: object

Class handling plotting of samples and result boxes.

flip_green_red = False
static plot_poly(subplot, poly, *args, **kwargs)

Plot a polygon or hyperrectangle. :param subplot: :param poly: Polygon. :param args: :param kwargs:

static plot_results(parameters, samples_green=[], samples_red=[], samples_blue=[], samples_black=[], poly_green=[], poly_red=[], poly_blue_crossed=[], poly_blue_dotted=[], poly_blue=[], poly_black=[], anchor_points=[], additional_arrows=[], path_to_pdf=None, path_to_src=None, display=False)

Plot all results. :param parameters: Parameters. :param samples_green: Samples with color green. :param samples_red: Samples with color red. :param samples_blue: Samples with color blue. :param poly_green: Polygons with color green. :param poly_red: Polygons with color red. :param poly_blue_crossed: Polygons with color blue and crossed hatch. :param poly_blue_dotted: Polygons with color blue and dotted hatch. :param poly_blue: Polygons with color blue. :param anchor_points: List of anchor points with direction. :param additional_arrows: List of additional arrows. :param path_to_pdf: Paths for pdf file or None if no file should be generated. :param path_to_src: Paths for the pgf source files or None if no file should be generated. :param display: If true, the plot will be displayed automatically.

plot_samples(samples, parameters, safe_above_threshold, threshold)

Create pdf file displaying the samples. :param samples: List of samples. :param parameters: Paramaters. :param safe_above_threshold: If true, all values above the threshold are considered

safe (indicated by green color), otherwise they are considered

unsafe (red color).


threshold – Threshold for safe/unsafe values.


Path to pdf file containing the samples plot.