Model:philosophers v.1 (CTMC)
Parameter(s)N = 16, TIME_BOUND = 1
Property:MaxPrReachDeadlockTB (prob-reach-time-bounded)
Invocation (exact)
/home/tq429871/storm/build/bin/storm --jani /rwthfs/rz/cluster/home/tq429871/git/storm-qcomp-benchmarks/qcomp/benchmarks/ctmc/philosophers/philosophers.16.jani --janiproperty MaxPrReachDeadlockTB --constants TIME_BOUND=1 --exact --timemem
Sparse engine with exact model checking
Return code:0
Note(s):Unable to obtain tool result.
Storm 1.6.2

Date: Sat Sep  5 21:01:36 2020
Command line arguments: --jani /rwthfs/rz/cluster/home/tq429871/git/storm-qcomp-benchmarks/qcomp/benchmarks/ctmc/philosophers/philosophers.16.jani --janiproperty MaxPrReachDeadlockTB --constants TIME_BOUND=1 --exact --timemem
Current working directory: /rwthfs/rz/cluster/home/tq429871/git/storm-qcomp-benchmarks

Time for model input parsing: 0.008s.

 WARN (cli.cpp:262): The model checking query does not seem to be supported for the selected engine. Storm will try to solve the query, but you will most likely get an error for at least one of the provided properties.
Time for model construction: 103.214s.

Model type: 	CTMC (sparse)
States: 	1331714
Transitions: 	13774113
Reward Models:  none
State Labels: 	3 labels
   * deadlock -> 0 item(s)
   * deadl -> 1 item(s)
   * init -> 1 item(s)
Choice Labels: 	none

Model checking property "MaxPrReachDeadlockTB": Pmax=? [true U<=1 "deadl"] ...
ERROR (model-handling.h:847): Property is unsupported by selected engine/settings.

Performance statistics:
  * peak memory usage: 1749MB
  * CPU time: 102.665s
  * wallclock time: 103.804s