Model:firewire-pta v.1 (PTA)
Parameter(s)delay = 30, T = 5000
Property:eventually (prob-reach)
Invocation (sound)
/home/tq429871/storm/build/bin/storm --jani /rwthfs/rz/cluster/home/tq429871/git/storm-qcomp-benchmarks/qcomp/benchmarks/pta/firewire-pta/converted_firewire-pta.jani --janiproperty eventually --sound --timemem
Sparse engine with sound model checking Use moconv to convert the PTA to an MDP using digital-clocks semantics.
Return code:0
Relative Error:0.0
Storm 1.6.2

Date: Sat Sep  5 20:58:22 2020
Command line arguments: --jani /rwthfs/rz/cluster/home/tq429871/git/storm-qcomp-benchmarks/qcomp/benchmarks/pta/firewire-pta/converted_firewire-pta.jani --janiproperty eventually --sound --timemem
Current working directory: /rwthfs/rz/cluster/home/tq429871/git/storm-qcomp-benchmarks

Time for model input parsing: 0.132s.

Time for model construction: 71.879s.

Model type: 	MDP (sparse)
States: 	4432272
Transitions: 	5533832
Choices: 	5529800
Reward Models:  none
State Labels: 	3 labels
   * deadlock -> 0 item(s)
   * done -> 1054 item(s)
   * init -> 1 item(s)
Choice Labels: 	none

Model checking property "eventually": Pmin=? [F "done"] ...
Result (for initial states): 1
Time for model checking: 0.973s.

Performance statistics:
  * peak memory usage: 362MB
  * CPU time: 72.670s
  * wallclock time: 72.998s